Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, it is winter.

The natives are restless in Hot'Lanta. Funny how some folks just can't help themselves from trying to find someone to blame for their slick road. Hello. I75 & I85 both run south maybe the whiners should too. Lot of folks are enjoying themselves in the winter oddity here. Ice skating on Peachtree! Who would have ever thunk it?
I did get out a little today to test my, is it slicker in Georgia theory. I didn't push the envelope to hard. I've spent enough on chiropractors over the years. The theory will just have to be that for awhile. I've got an idea that a bunch of truck drivers may have been wondering the same lately.
Here is another neat WSB-TV tower cam shot tonite http://www.wsbtv.com/wxcam/1873437/detail.html

Also a couple from the railroad mishap

and a couple because I like red

Ya'll stay warm!



Beth said...

I do believe it is slicker in Atlanta. We are used to the ice and snow here so the roads get plowed and salted.
Do be careful J.

john bord said...

georgia peach skating
slice .. slice.....

Rocket Man said...

This morning I was watching a piece on Headline News that showed city workers out on Atlanta roads busting ice with sledge hammers! Then the talking head said the 4 snow plows the city owned weren't even keeping up and I blurted out "Those are back hoes you half wit!"

Then I remembered growing up in Virginia Beach where 2" of snow paralyzes the city....and they have plow blades and spreaders to mount on city trucks.....even if nobody knows how to use them! They still look like snow plows and not farm equipment!

Here I Am/Carrie said...

I don't have to drive anywhere so don't worry much about the roads. Just like when our dirt road with the creek running along it get big snow banks so I don't have t worry about sliding into the creek. There is no traffic when I drive to town. Can make it there sometime without seeing one car. We are getting the snow. Have about 3 feet now. But will be heading south soon. I love you photo with the row of trees with the berries. Great contrast with the snow. Take Care Carrie

Admiral Hestorb said...

I LOVE tower cam pictures like that. I used to go to the west tower cam in Charlotte because it had THE best view of all the sky scrapers downtown. It was on a weather channel site. they took it off 2 years ago and I miss it still. I have Googled, Gaggled..you name it and I can't get the same view.

Lisa RedWillow said...

I love the Red the ice that is on that tree. It has a beauty all its own. I look forward to this winter some how for once in a few years.