Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not yet 30%

That's right folks. Especially you tender Georgia peaches. Breaks, bruises and lacerations filled the ER centers the last few days. Injuries from playing in the snow and ice were more numerous and serious, can you believe it, than auto accidents. Seems the slow speed fender bender variety auto wrecks produced less carnage than the novice ice worshipers, hey watch this move I've seen on the winter olympics, bravado.
If I am not mistaken, I mean just ask any horoscoper who really knows what day it is, around January 20 we'll be one third through winter. Will Atlanta survive? Will there be enough bandages, splints and plaster of paris? And, most definately (google it for real, amazing fact for that word or not, definitely, will there be enough milk and bread? Will the mail be delivered or will the mounds of garbage block that trusty civil servant's whole hearted one for the Gipper effort at delivering another introductory offer for Broke Americard?
All the many guestions that winter has forced upon the Peach State are causing many fuzzy legged Georgians to reconsider their previous ballot selections. Hang 'em all boyz and load the salt trucks vigilantism is brewing. Watch out Tennessee. We're eyeballing yo' trucks and salt piles.
Brewing! Ah yes, I think I'll have a hot tea and fire off a note or two to my local commissioner. Rascal. The nerve of him setting around in his PJs for four days when he could have been out shoveling my street.
Honey! That's the pot whistling. Can you get that for me, I'm busy. You know how I like it sweetie. What are you doing? I'm talking tea darlin'!
'Skews me folks. This won't take long. NO BATTERIES!
Dear Commis, You better get this road cleared ASAP.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, it is winter.

The natives are restless in Hot'Lanta. Funny how some folks just can't help themselves from trying to find someone to blame for their slick road. Hello. I75 & I85 both run south maybe the whiners should too. Lot of folks are enjoying themselves in the winter oddity here. Ice skating on Peachtree! Who would have ever thunk it?
I did get out a little today to test my, is it slicker in Georgia theory. I didn't push the envelope to hard. I've spent enough on chiropractors over the years. The theory will just have to be that for awhile. I've got an idea that a bunch of truck drivers may have been wondering the same lately.
Here is another neat WSB-TV tower cam shot tonite

Also a couple from the railroad mishap

and a couple because I like red

Ya'll stay warm!


Monday, January 10, 2011

WSB Tower cam: Downtown Atlanta

Night fall on Atlanta 1/10/2011

An icy mist is settling over Atlanta this evening. That should add a really nice glaze to already slick roads. I found this WSB tv tower cam shot really neat. I was acutally looking for the ice jam shots I've been seeing on video. Evidently parts of the Atlanta area interstates have become a tractor trailor parking lot. I don't know what it is about Georgia ice. Could it possible be slicker here? Maybe I'll venture out tomorrow to test that theory.