Monday, January 10, 2011

WSB Tower cam: Downtown Atlanta

Night fall on Atlanta 1/10/2011

An icy mist is settling over Atlanta this evening. That should add a really nice glaze to already slick roads. I found this WSB tv tower cam shot really neat. I was acutally looking for the ice jam shots I've been seeing on video. Evidently parts of the Atlanta area interstates have become a tractor trailor parking lot. I don't know what it is about Georgia ice. Could it possible be slicker here? Maybe I'll venture out tomorrow to test that theory.


Beth said...

Do stay safe when you venture out.

john bord said...

venture out.... hope there is a cracker barrel close by n hot coffee

Anonymous said...

Local buses aren't running, mail service is suspended, even a salt truck crashed... some things that most of us Canadians are all too used too! I can certainly sympathize with these good people struggling to make their way out and about from their front doors. Here's hoping that better days are ahead and soon.