Sunday, October 10, 2010

Long Mondays

I’m recovering from a brutal week. One of the longest I’ve had in awhile. Probably you have experienced those extraordinary weeks as well but yours doesn’t leave me exhausted nearly as much as my own. I know, I know, I can hear it now. You big baby, wimp, whiner, and the list goes on. That’s ok. I can take it. No problem. I am use to verbal abuse but long Mondays? Please, never again.
How long was Monday? You may ask or not but, be warned. They will wreck your sense of time. Demolish your natural rhythms, as in smashed to smithereens. They will turn your internal Timex into colonic refuse. They are a confusing, debilitating, deranged collection of hours that will confound the most able among you. So, be warned.
The problem with long Mondays are they kinda bleed into Tuesdays in such a seamless fashion that one may arrive on Tuesdays in a Wednesday frame of mind. Ok hump day! Not so fast there amigo. There’s work to do and so it was that a long Monday created a false Humpday and away I went just a humping all day long, one might say.
I was ‘pertnear humped out Thursday morning. Ha! Little did I realize how devious long Mondays were. Still stumbling in oblivion I could only take comfort in tomorrow, TGIF! Yes sirie, we’re on the downside of this week Tonto. My trusty side kick looked confused. Kemo Sabi, give me a break, you make Humpday joke all day Tuesday so I am in no mood for TGIF talking on Wednesday. Go sniff the Folgers Kemo Sabi you look a little pale.
Hallucinations must have begun sometime on Tuesday or was it Wednesday. Doesn’t matter. Be warned, long Mondays are no respecter of persons or days of the week. Reality finally returned much to my chagrin on Thursday morning. A subtle dawning occurred with the Friday eve sunrise as my TGIF morphed into TGIT as in Thursday. The ripples of one long Monday finally left the pond with a mirrored surface reflecting a haggard me. What a week.
My friends, as you peer into the pond of this second week in October know that a masked man and his faithful sidekick may arrive at any moment. Have no fear. They are there to help. In a cloud of dust and with a Hi Ho Silver they’re there to bring you comfort and clarity at time when you may be feeling like the Lone Ranger. Especially so if you’ve had a long Monday.
Anybody know what day it is?