Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Question

It was a simple but profound question. I rocked back on my heals a moment. Grabbing the stubble on my chin for balance, I squinted a well honed cynics eye at the questioner.
The early spring day was effervescing color from every nook and cranny. A kaleidoscope of blooms shouted joyfully at every turn. Alive! Alive again!
Who was this inquisitor with such a provocative question? Couldn’t there be another time, another place to ponder the question raised. Actually the debate has occurred for centuries among learned men. Some say yes. Some say no. What say you Papa?
A simple yes should be sufficient. That’s it! Yes, and let it go. Do church, family dinner, egg hunt and enjoy a beautiful spring afternoon. I’ve answered other questions simply. Why not this one? Of course there is a Santa Claus! Ho, Ho, Ho! Yes, there is a tooth fairy! You found a dollar didn’t you.
This one needed more. There is an ugly side to the truth. Yes it will set you free but it is a painful exercise. It reveals a cruelty of men that seeks a hiding place in civil discourses. It reveals a shame that I shouted crucify Him. It reveals the quilt that comes from killing the innocent. In the end it reveals the love of a dying savior.
Papa, do you believe in Easter? Yes I believe in the resurrection son. I believe in the only one who has ever overcome sin, cheated death, and walked fully alive from the grave. Yes son, I believe in Easter because Jesus Christ lives!
I don’t understand it all son, Papa is just a simple man. You see these daffodils? They will all die soon when hot weather comes. That’s the price we pay for life in this world. Everything is dying. But, there is a kernel, a seed that never dies. Jesus knows just where the reset button is on everything. Even you and I. This time of year reminds me that hope never dies. One day if you ever think it has just ask Jesus to push your reset button. Papa has rebooted many times over the years. This Easter Papa is mighty glad that his redeemer lives. It’s kinda like having your own personal button pusher. Ask and it shall be pushed! Happy Easter son.

jrw © 04/03/2010

Happy Easter,