Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not yet 30%

That's right folks. Especially you tender Georgia peaches. Breaks, bruises and lacerations filled the ER centers the last few days. Injuries from playing in the snow and ice were more numerous and serious, can you believe it, than auto accidents. Seems the slow speed fender bender variety auto wrecks produced less carnage than the novice ice worshipers, hey watch this move I've seen on the winter olympics, bravado.
If I am not mistaken, I mean just ask any horoscoper who really knows what day it is, around January 20 we'll be one third through winter. Will Atlanta survive? Will there be enough bandages, splints and plaster of paris? And, most definately (google it for real, amazing fact for that word or not, definitely, will there be enough milk and bread? Will the mail be delivered or will the mounds of garbage block that trusty civil servant's whole hearted one for the Gipper effort at delivering another introductory offer for Broke Americard?
All the many guestions that winter has forced upon the Peach State are causing many fuzzy legged Georgians to reconsider their previous ballot selections. Hang 'em all boyz and load the salt trucks vigilantism is brewing. Watch out Tennessee. We're eyeballing yo' trucks and salt piles.
Brewing! Ah yes, I think I'll have a hot tea and fire off a note or two to my local commissioner. Rascal. The nerve of him setting around in his PJs for four days when he could have been out shoveling my street.
Honey! That's the pot whistling. Can you get that for me, I'm busy. You know how I like it sweetie. What are you doing? I'm talking tea darlin'!
'Skews me folks. This won't take long. NO BATTERIES!
Dear Commis, You better get this road cleared ASAP.


john bord said...

more town politician's lose their job over street plowing then about anything else. They can be the most crooked scoundrels but if they keep the streets clean they are good bums.

Now lets see where did I leave me snowshoes, the skies are retired.

Admiral Hestorb said...

You got me smiling..and yes, you usually do.

I always hope you'll see my blog (not the Admiral's ) when I go to the meeting in the Redneck Room. I have called it that since you said it.

Hi to the family..


Lisa RedWillow said...

It hasnt stopped snowing here Im sure for more than a day or two since Christmas. We have well over three feet and its still coming down lightly. J its also been so cold. Sorry your seeing that awful weather. Stay warm. Enjoy your tea and I cant wait to see the earth , and grass once agan. Its been too long already.
I enjoyed your blog

Beth said...

I can't help but smile at the fact that the south is enjoying the weather that we have to put up with all winter. LOL