Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sultana Patience

Spring has sprung a leak and icy winter's reach is seeping in to teach Easter lessons once again
Impatient gardeners scurry to cover in a hurry tender plants that cannot take the chill
It's no wonder we're impatient to break the icy chill with shovels rakes and hoes at first sight of daffodils but in these Georgia  hills there's a saying ole timers have been paying due respect to in their swaying of novice gardeners asking for advice
When around these parts they've come from everywhere it seems with their green thumbs all in tow and their Callaway Garden dreams
Wait till after Easter whenever  it falls due It changes year to year so your garden plans should too Especially with those tender plants that paint the summer lawns with colors in our memories eye that urges us along when winter's grip grows tiresome and the nights are cold and long
It's no wonder we get itching to dig the dirt again and plant a hope that one day dreams will bloom and send the fragrance of a memory from smiles of many friends