Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Absolutely giddy was the mood of the Obama inauguration. The President and First Lady were the recipients of a love fest never seen before at the historic event. A seamless continuation of the American Presidency is an admirable testimony to the world that a peaceful, though at times heated, debate can make a stronger America. Without a doubt we are blessed in this nation of constitutional law. In that respect every Presidential inauguration is historic. A civic lesson that transcends arbitrary descriptors of that person who has risen to the Presidential office. The debate should define the person over the preceding months prior to the event. What do we know about President Obama? We know he makes many Americans just plain giddy with his eloquence and intellect. We know he looks good in a suit or casual attire. He has a great looking wife and beautiful children. We know he cares and feels our pain because he says so with so much empathy. We know he is a Chicago politician. Woops! Where did that come from?


Jane! said...

J, J, J.... bitter really isn't your color.
Why does everyone say he's a politician like it's a bad thing? Has a non-politician ever been elected prez?
Maybe we got ahold of this one before his commitments to the dark side have totally absorbed his soul.... and good judgement.
Love your title, though! That is clever!

Lorrie Veasey said...

Just popping by (nice place ya have here by the way) to let you know that Jane! from Emptying The Nest will be guest blogging tomorrow--and I know you will have missed her as much as I have.
Her guest post will be here:
please come and say hello to her-maybe we can get her to come back like blogging. Kind of like bringing a box of wine to the intervention.

Rocket Man said...

J. You should really check out the Green giant on WLS. So many had problems figuring out how to work the sign up here that I was forced to rebuild under a different name there. Send me an invite and I'll add you in. GG will be for fun and games and I want to do some serious work on this forum.....probably Virginia history.

Admiral Hestorb said...

LOVED this. Loved it. Did I say I loved it?

Admiral Hestorb said... glad for the visit. =^..^-=

Beth said...

Chicago polititian says it all!