Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Breaking the Ice

It's been awhile since I posted here. January '09 was my last one actually. My how time flies. I was openly sore from the previous November's election results. Well, there has been no change there for sure!

The frequency of my other site visiting and posting may be about to change. It's getting lonesome over at WLS. Their decision to close that operation has many of it's bloggers disappointed, myself included.

At this point I will probably move everything that will move to Wordpress. I have used it some just to follow WLS bloggers who had blogs there as well. I've never been able to juggle well and so managing more that one ball in the air is extremely awkward for me. I'll choose between Blogger and Wordpress as my primary site.

Let's see. Ennie menie mine moe, one potato, two potato, three potato, fo, this one up this one down, spin the bottle 'round and 'round, paper, rock and scissors too, short straws, long straws, dice might do, high card, low card, flip the penny heads or tails are good as any.

Ummmm, tails.



Beth said...

Choose blog spot. I have tried word press and I don't care much for it.

Rocket Man said...

I use both, Wordpress and Blogger. Does that make me bi?

Lisa said...

J, Keep trying . I find it so easy to use at times and so much to learn. So many diverse people here as well. So glad you here.
Thanks. Will keep checking.

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Hi J I found you thru a comment you left at Beths. I hope you stay here as well. I am having lots of problems but hope to get it all ironed out. I have two blogs here. So I will be splitting up my blogs from spaces to here. I have to reformat almost every blog to fit proper here. On blog is God's Garden of Nature all creative photos with thoughts, poems and quotes. While the other is A Window to my World which will be more on gardening and life at the ranch. I am having troubles there as my feeds aren't showing up in the reading lists. Right now I am just trying to reblog all my old posts there before I start with new stuff. I just am not getting it done. Anyway my friend nice seeing you here. Hugs Carrie