Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My favorite N words

Of course all the blame lies squarely at the feet of that dastardly dame none other than the wretch Youtahshegan, Jane. Now it is common knowledge that some get all fired up about N words so let me assure each and everyone including Rev Sharpton that no such word exist in my feeble attempt at cranial exercising with the letter N. And so beginning let me say Nose. Specifically nasal mining. More commonly known as nose picking. Been a life long affection. Secondly: Neighbors. There are good and bad ones but this is a list of N words I like. My favorite neighbor lives on the East side of me. Prevailing winds at my home are typically from the West. He got up most of my leaves this fall. Well, it's been windy. Thirdly: Navel. I'm an innie. What are you? Fourth: I'm nuts for nuts. Cashews, almonds, mixed nuts, roasted, salted, boiled, stir fried, casseroled, anyway, just pass the nuts. Fifth: Nights. Un-wind time. Before the nest was empty is wasn't that way. Sixth: Nabisco Nilla wafers and 'nanners. Does that count as three? Seventh: Nehi grape drink. Grape and orange were both great sodas. They're still available on line at Eighth: Noxzema. Can't beat it for sunburn relief. Chill it in the fridge for even greater relief. Ninth: Nana or Granna or Ganmaw. You know it. My sweetheart, friend and confidant, love of my life wife. Yes at this stage of the game we've adopted the names our grand kids have for us. That's ok grand parents and future grandparents, you'll not loose yourself totally. Tenth: Nubian Princess in knickers and stilettos. Oh, Nana lets play it again!


Jane! said...

I was going to say that I'm an innie, but I think I'll just leave you alone to your Nubian Nana.
I hope you have the good sense to mind your nose-pickin' in her presence.
Good list!

Jane! said...

Oh, just had to ask.... is Youtahshegan something I should put on my resume?

j said...

j2Jane: Although you may technically be a transplant you are definitely a fine Youtahshegan. Yes, add it to the resume.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Innie here.

Oh, and this is the cat's blog...the avatar you see here. She graciously allowed me the use of it as I wasn't logged onto my own blog.