Friday, October 31, 2008

Blame Jane

Dear Blog,
I'm kinda settled into some comfortable ruts at the moment. Old slippers, you know. However, a friend of mine decided to drag half the damn country over here so, I got caught up in the wind.
I don't know how often I'll tap the keys of this url. Some things just have to grow on me. Anyway, I'll be over there trying to hold things down.


Jane! said...

See that? There I am right over there... ready to follow this blog when you come to your senses.
You are welcome!

Jane! said...

I'm here to drop off the letter N for nuisance. Haha!!

Lisa RedWillow said...

Im so glad your friend dragged you here and I thought of it too so many times. However J you found me and that I greatful for.
Im off on a holiday again. See you when Im back.
Be good.. :)
So happy to have you here J.!!!!!

and a prayer answered !!