Saturday, December 22, 2012

I did Thursday

I haven’t thought much about the tragedy in Newtown this week. It was just too painful to approach the details of this horror. The end of the world was fast approaching and not even that moved me. My Queen reminded me of our twenty-fifth anniversary just now and I fondly recalled our early memories on Dixie Street. Twenty five years. Where have I been. I’ve had children grow up, grandchildren born and now it all seems like just a blur. A spinning of events viewed through the lens of time and called a life. Christmases and Easters and Fourth of Julys, Labor days, Halloweens and Thanksgivings all interwoven with birthdays, funerals, weddings and divorces, graduations, vacations and mundane Mondays, hump day Wednesdays, fab Fridays and mixed bag weekends. So today I’m thinking Tuesdays and Thursdays need more significance during the weekly seven. Tuesdays usually gets all buggered up every four years with that election thing going on. I guess that counts somewhat depending on your personal political bent. Bummer this year for sure. Tuesday May 20 1952 was a pretty good Tuesday. I should probably google that to make sure. Thursdays. Poor thursday. Thanksgiving is a bright spot every year. Once a year but ,what about the other 364? I really hate to pick on Thursdays but even the Mayans only had one worthwhile pick in five thousand years and, they blew it.


Here I Am/Carrie said...

Hi J we are still alive and kicking so the cycle begins again. But always take each day as a new day without looking back seeing them all run together. Wishing you and your family and Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hugs Carrie

Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Its been a while for both of us i see since you haven't posted anything in a while. I hope that simply means you've had it with blogging and not that you are in poor health.

God speed.
stay blessed.