Monday, November 19, 2012


perhaps i've dispatched as many as are left on the trees
mulch they are now but more to come
the battle isn't over until next year maybe june
in the meantime the grandkids will delight in the piles
leaves offer resonable entertainment these days
around thanksgiving every year we would rake and race into
the piles of crunchy delights wearing their mass down to half the original
a semiretired multi-century cotton basket
made the perfect impliment for rebuilding the mound
on and on the day went until the leaves and we
were slap worn out
it hasn't changed much given the evolution of the transistor
some might say it's stupid neanderthal play
that's ok once you've jumped into a pile of leaves
the urge for a primal scream just takes over
bring your cotton basket and smart phone
if you wish

jrw 11/18/2012


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Rhapsody B. said...

Whatever brings you joy.